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The Russian-English Reference Guide to data on crime

Alexander Nikiforov,
Candidate of Law, Senior Researcher, Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

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The Russian-English Reference Guide to data on crime (general and organized in Russian Federation (RF) (1997-2001), Russian criminal justice system problems of constitutionalism rule-of-law government, human rights and political repressions in RF, CIS, USSR. On the whole, some 400 pp.

The Guide consists of 11 (eleven) sections namely: crime in RF (statistical data of the RF Ministry of Interior (MVD) for the years 1997-2001: general (non-organized) crime, form 1-G (abstracts), organized crime (official statistical data (abstracts); judicial system in RF (1997-2000); criminal justice in RF (law enforcement judiciary, administration of justice, criminal procedure, criminal law, penal law, including legislative acts, drafts, commentaries official reports, judicial practice etc.; and related bibliography; bibliography in general: crime, juvenile delinquency, general criminology and related matters, specially-bibliography on organized crime and corruption; bibliography on criminal statistics: bibliography on criminalistics and forensic expertise; bibliography on law enforcement; bibliography on judicature judiciary, administration of criminal justice, criminal procedure, including overall problems of rule of law and human rights protection, essence and aims, basic principles, main provisions and institutions; textbooks, manuals, courses of lectures; pretrial proceedings: inquiry and preliminary investigation; trial court; the jury proceedings; proceedings of superior court; recommencement of cases on the base of newly disclosed circumstances; sentence enforcement stage; special proceedings; justices of the peace proceedings; criminal law and penal policy: overall problems; courses (treatrises), textbooks, manuals; general part: principles, institutions, rules, problems; special part: corpuses delicti, mitigating and aggravating circumstances, classification, sanctions; penal policy; problems of constitutionalism, rule-of-law government, human rights and political repressions in RF, CIS USSR.

Practically, the majority of articles in the Guide are structured in the following way: the name of the author (on editor) and his (her) work in Russian with translation into English, then imprints in Russian. A great lot if not the majority, of publications referred to in the Guide are annotated. Publications by the Institute of State and Law, the Research Institutes of the Russian MVD and Procurator's Office, Russian Association for Criminology and Memorial Society are referred to. Special attention is paid by the compiler to materials and reports from conferences, seminars, round tables, etc., which have dealt with problems of organized crime and corruption (as well as to particular works on the subjects by individual writers. Among these special editions the following ones are to be mentioned particularly:
1. Materials of Theoretical and Practical Conference, March 26-27, 1996, No.2. ћ¬ƒ –оссии. ћосковский институт. M. 1996. 135 cc (pp.).
2. International Cooperation in Control on Laundering Incomes Gained by Illegal Way. Eds. S.V.Maximov, L.Yu.Ismailova. ћ. ёр»нфо–. 1999. 81 сс (pp.).
3. Organized Crime. Round Table: Problems, Discussions, Propositions.ћ., ёридическа€ литература. 1989. 351 сс (pp.)ю
4. Organized Crime - 2. Round Table: Problems Discussion, Propositions. Eds.-in-shief A.Y.Dolgova, S.V. Dyakov.  риминологическа€ ассоциаци€. 1993. 325 сс (pp.).
5. Organized Crime - 3. Problems, discussions, propositions. Association for Criminology.  риминологическа€ јссоциаци€. ћ. 1996. 326 сс (pp.).
6. Organized Crime 4.  риминологическа€ ассоциаци€. Ќ»» укреплени€ законности и правопор€дка. ћ., 1998. 276 сс (pp.).
7. Studies in Organized Crime: Russian-American Dialogue. MSU American Russian Center for Studies in Organized Crime. Collected Articles. ћ., ќлимп. 1997. 317 сс (pp).
8. Cooperation between Russian and American Law Enforcement Agencies in Combating New Economic Crimes. ћ., ёр»нфо–. 1998. 71 сс (pp.).
9. ABA. CEE LI. Department of Justice USA. Joint Project of Aid to Criminal Justice Reform. Corruption. Set of Materials. ћ., 1999. 51 сс (pp).
10. Issues of Combating Corruption. Round Tables Materials. »нститут јктуального ќбразовани€ "ёр»нфо– - ћ√”", јмериканска€ јссоциаци€ јдвокатов. ћ., 1999. 195 сс (pp.).
11. Corruption and Control on It. ћ. –оссийска€ криминологическа€ ассоциаци€. 2000. 314 сс (pp.).
12. Pressing Problems of Anticorruption Policy in Russian Federation. The Federal Assembly of RF State Duma. Comission on Control over Corruption. Institute of State and Law, RAS. Association of Non-Public Structures of Security International Cooperation. Institute of Contemporary Education "JurInfoR-MSU". ћ. јќ "÷ентр ёр»нфо–". 2001. 56 сс (pp.).
13. The State, Problems of Application and Perfection of Legislation on Control over Organized Crime and Corruption. Reports from All-the-Russia Theoretical and Practical Conference, June 7-8, 2000. є 1. ћосковский »нститут ћ¬ƒ –оссии. ћ. 2000. 418 сс (pp.).
14. Corruption: political, economic, organizational and legal problems V.V.Luneev, ed. »нститут государства и права, –јЌ. јмериканский университет (г. ¬ашингтон). ћосковский исследовательский центр по проблемам транснациональной организованной преступности и коррупции. ћ. ёристъ. 2001. 426 сс (pp.).
15. Organized Crime and Corruption Studies, Surveys, Information. Social and Legal Almanac. 2000. ¬ашингтон, ћосква, —анкт-ѕетербург, ≈катеринбург, »ркутск, ¬ладивосток, ’арьков. є 1. 120 сс (pp.).

Key words

Key Words for the Reference Guide to data on crime, etc. in RF
  • General crime
  • Organized crime
  • Judicial system
  • Criminal justice
  • Procurator General's department
  • Supreme Court
  • The jury
  • Law enforcement
  • Judiciary
  • Criminal procedure
  • Criminal law
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Corruption
  • Criminal statistics
  • Criminalistics
  • Forensic expertise
  • Penal policy
  • Constitutionalism
  • Human rights
  • Political repressions