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International conference organized by "JurInfoR-MSU" Institute for Contemporary Education, “JurInfoR” center, the Criminalists and Criminologists’ Union (Moscow), and the U.S. Department of Justice, 20-21 May, 1997, Moscow

On combating new types of economic crimes in Russia and the United States

Economic security policy. Criteria for assessing economic security at the macro- and microeconomic levels. Major priorities of building national and regional economic security systems

Andrei Gurgenovich Shavaev

Security of non-State-owned business entities as part of a national economic security system. Problem exploration status and prospects. A legal mechanism for protecting business activities.

Organization of efforts to protect private businesses, commercial and banking secrecy. Factors threatening the security of non-State-owned businesses. Private business protection principles.

Efforts to combat unfair competition. Forms of unfair competition. New methods of obtaining information using advanced information systems and technology.

Thorough data protection principles and models. Leakage channels. Types of computer crimes. A comparative analysis of data protection systems by effectiveness, efficiency, and reasonable sufficiency.

Interaction between government and non-government security services. Problems and priorities. Corporate ethics. Guidelines for improving legal regulation of coordination and interaction between government and private law-enforcement organizations. Russian and foreign experience.

Research and training support for the protection of non-State-owned businesses. Problem exploration status. The need for an independent national research and training center. The Center’s prospective activities, sources of finances and priority programs, cooperation with similar centers and institutes in other countries.

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